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TAIANG BOLT INDUSTRY CO LTD is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Screw Fasteners, with a factory in Taiwan. We supply and export consistently high class products and continually improve upon the manufacturing processes and work environment through total employee involvement and strict adherence to fair business ethics. We have gained several patents in the field. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.

Our policy is to achieve customers' satisfaction both by providing them with high level

Screw Fasteners

and services that meet or exceed their expectation. It is our force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small industries to manufacturing units.

Available at our disposal is an exclusive gamut of Screw Fasteners which is widely acclaimed by the clients, owing to its remarkable durability. Our fasteners come in many different forms, we have Joint Fasteners, Structural Fasteners, Wheel Nuts And Bolts, Coated Fasteners, Impact Socket Set, Custom Fasteners, Standard Fasteners, Electrical Screws, Automotive Stamping Parts, Machine Nuts, Plastic Injection Parts and Rail Fastenings, etc. Our wide product can be selection includes screws, all available in a variety of styles, materials, finishes & sizes. A screw and a bolt are similar types of fastener typically made of metal that used to fasten materials by the engagement of the screw thread with a similar female thread in the matching part.

Our Screw Fasteners come in a variety of functions, most often used to fasten materials such as wood and metals. Structural fasteners characteristic are strong and heavy-duty, can used the construction of structures employing steel to steel connections. That are widely used in rail and building construction, to connect metal beams and girders. Our products generally used for industrial use. If you need large quantities, please contact us now. We can offer you at particularly deep discounts.
Screw Fasteners